As a seasoned credit referral agency, we always care about the piracy of all our valued clients, customers, visitors, business partners, and associates. We take all possible measures to protect your privacy. So, before using this website for loan application and acquisition, read the privacy policy mentioned here. The continued use of this website let us feel that you are agreed with it. If not, the leave the site immediately.

Credit Referral Service & Charges

This website is supposed to be used by adult Canadians Citizens. Our credit referral service is free of cost to all. We don't our customers for using our website.

Collection of Information

When you visit this website and get started with us, we collect personal as well Non-personal information to process your request, advertise our loan products and services to you, and help you strike a right financial deal. We don't use the collected data for our personal benefits.

Safe Transactions

All transactions made on our website is safe. Our website is safe to use and make transactions.

Use of Cookies

When you browse our website, we deliver cookies to your system to improve the quality of our services. If you don't like the delivery of cookies, you can easily disable them.

Sharing of Collected Information

We share the collected information to credit lenders that work with us. They use the data to provide the requested services to customers. Always keep in mind that we have no option but to share your details with the law enforcement agencies if you are involved in fraudulent financial activities and your details are wanted by them. Please avoid using unfair practices when you submit an application for the loan.


We reserve our right to make changes to the website's piracy policy at any time without notifying you in advance. So, read our site's piracy policy before using it.

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